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Lightning Procedures:

Following the Lightning procedures that are put in place by USLacrosse, Loveland Titans will follow the procedures outlined below.

·         When bad weather starts to move in, designate one person who is at the field to monitor the weather.  There are several weather apps available that you can layer in lightning strikes. (NOAA Hi-Def Radar, WeatherBug, iMap Weather...)


·         If there is lightning within 6 miles of your location, you will evacuate the field immediately. 

·         Suspension of play/practice will run in 30 minute intervals.  There must be a MINIMUM of 30 minutes between the time of the last lightning strike in the 6 mile radius, and the resuming of play/practice.


·         When activities are suspended, the following individuals shall be responsible for the safety of all players and persons  at the facility.

o   The head coach for players and other team personnel

o   Team Parent

o   Senior Official

·         Resuming of play:

o   Prior to the continuation of the game, the teams shall be afforded sufficient time to warm up as determined by the coaches (suggested 10 minutes)

o   If in a game you shall resume from the point of interruption unless them teams agree to terminate the game with the team that is ahead will be the winner with the existing score.

o   It may also be agreed upon by coaches and official to shorten the length of time in remaining play.


1.       Lightning Structures

Understanding the location of all structures close to the facility that are considered safe from lightning hazard.

1.       Safe Locations:

    • A building normally occupied by people, with wiring and plumbing that has been grounded.
    • If buildings are not available, then certain other spaces are considered safe: vehicles, including school buses, with a hard metal roof (not convertibles or golf carts) with the windows shut. Individuals should not touch the metal framework of the vehicle as well as the steering wheel, ignition keys, and/or radio.



2.       Unsafe Locations:

·         The showers or plumbing of a building. as well as electrical appliances in a building during a thunderstorm should be avoided.

·         Small covered shelters outside, such as dugouts, bleachers, rain shelters, golf shelters, picnic shelters.  The picnic shelters at North Shore, LSP and any other park ARE NOT SAFE!

·         Areas connected to or near light poles, towers and fences

·         Any location which is the highest point in the area