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  Are you wondering about Girls Lacrosse? Why should I let my daughter play lacrosse.  

  Hope this answers your questions if not please email Titans Lacrosse and we will be happy to answer your questions.


   The main difference between boy's and girl's lacrosse comes down to the contact.  The older the boy's the more contact they are allowed to do, that is why they are fully padded from head to toe.  Girls lacrosse is not that way, they only wear eye protection, mouth guards and have a stick. Helmets soon will be part of the girl's lacrosse, but they will be nothing like the boy's hard shell helmets.

  Girls have 12 players on the field at all time.  Unless someone fouls and they must serve a penalty.  Girls have Attackmen (score goals) Defensemen (stop attackman from scoring) Goaltender (between the pipes, and directs the defenders) Midfielders: ( play both attackman and defensemen. Play the full field)

  Lacrosse has the same skill set as basketball, with the slides, and soccer with the full field running.  instead of a Basketball hoop to shoot the ball into, you have a 6 x 6 goal, and the ball is the size of a baseball.  The field for the girls is a bit bigger 230 yards long and 70 yards wide.   

 Girls do not have pockets in their sticks like the boy stick does. Cradling and shooting are more difficult in the girl's game.  But just as much fun to play as the boy's game.  Girl's can wear either Kilts/Jerseys or Shorts/Jersey.   You do get to pick your number (if it is not already taken) and you get to keep your uniform for as long as you are a Titan.   

 If you have tried every other sport and your bored with them, then why not give Lacrosse a try. We get many players this way.  Wanting to try something new and challenging. 

If you have never played lacrosse before that is OK!!  We will teach you everything you need to know.  Where to be, what needs to be done when, shoot, cradle and pass the ball.   


If you have other questions please let me know.  I will be happy to speak with you. 


Thank you
Machelle Egle
Chief Operations Officer
Titans Lacrosse