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Introduction to Titans Lacrosse

The Titans are passionate about lacrosse and enjoy helping kids learn the game.  It is our experience that kids pick it up quickly - Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America.  If you have any questions about lacrosse please contact us.  email:titans_lacrosse@yahoo.com

List of required equipment.  If you want to try Lacrosse you might be able to rent the equipment or let us help you find some used equipment.

Overview of the Titans SeasonLacrosse is a spring sport and we get started March 1st and end the first week of June. 

Parent’s overviewUS Lacrosse has put together a National Parents Guide.

Several off season training clinics are available.

  • Fall clinics. Weather permitting we will be at Loveland High School athletic fields, southeast of the buildings by the tennis courts on Sunday 1 to 3. Please contact us to make sure we will be there.
  • Indoor Lacrosse Clinics.  In the past Loveland Lighting has offered an indoor clinic (Jan to Feb) before our spring season.  In 2014 Qdoba Event Center removed their turf field.  It is not clear that Loveland Lighting will offer an indoor clinic this year.
  • Fall ball clinic.  A great opportunity to get out once a week and enjoy lacrosse in late August through the end of September ending the first week in October with a Saturday game.
  • Chumash. A fast pace 3 on 3 game using a small goal.  We typically play on Saturday afternoons in March before the regular season.
  • Loveland Parks and Recreation Summer League