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Boys beginner's equipment often provides different protection and is less expensive than what is used at the advanced levels.  Titan's believe more is better for our new players.  Avoid the expensive lightweight equipment that is designed for the hardened high school or college player. All equipment is required to meet NFHS requirements.

Equipment required for Boy's Lacrosse:

  1. Lacrosse Specific Helmet, NOCSAE certified. 
  2. Mouth Guard (colored) 
  3. Shoulder pads - Protects shoulders, upper arms, back, sternum. Some wrap around the side/rib and abdominal area.
  4. Arm protectors - Elbow pads that extend down to the glove. Protects elbows and arms.
  5. Gloves - Protects hands and wrisst. Different lengths are available to meet up with the arm guards.
  6. Protective cup
  7. Cleats (recommended) - Avoid unnecessary slipping on the field. Football or lacrosse cleats will work and are available at sporting good stores.
  8. Stick (head and shaft). College heads are wider making it more challenging to hold onto the ball, they are often labeled with an "X" or "U" for universsal. Look for a "traditional" spec or "NFHS high school only" head.
- U9 & U10. Shafts are all the same length 37 inches to 42 inches. 
- U11 Adds defensive long poles 47 to 54 inches.
- U12-U15 Defensive long poles 52 to 72 inches.

  9. Official team uniform - Jersey and shorts are required for games.

10.  See the Equipment Guide posted on the main page menu for detailed descriptions and recommendations for Boy's equipment.

Goalie Equipment is available for loan free of charge for U9-U11 and includes: throat guard, chest protector, padded pants (required), Goalie Gloves/thumb guards, shin guards (recommended) and stick.

 Equipment required for Girls Lacrosse:

1. Girls regulation lacrosse stick

2. Mouth Guard (colored)

3. Girls Lacrosse Goggles NOCSAE certified

4. Cleats (recommended) 

5. Official Team Uniform 

Goalie Equipment is available for loan free of charge for girls including: Lacrosse Specific Helmet, NOCSAE certified, Throat Guard, Chest Protector, Padded Pants (required), Lacrosse Goalie Gloves, Shin Guards (required), and Lacrosse Goalie Stick.